Friday, 6 March 2009

Red Trees

Red Trees was drawn in the woods near to the Dundas Aqueduct a couple of weeks ago. I have been eye balling it for some time, before deciding to complete the colour work today. The golds are painted in opalescent inks, reflecting and catching light as you move around the picture. Of all the colours the bright reds are proving hardest to photograph. I borrowed a high quality digital SLR to take this photo and still had to work hard in post bringing out colours. The original reds really glow, following multiple glazes.

Red Trees (above) created using ink and oil pastels on paper, 15 by 21cm.


Polly said...

This is a forest on fire... or sunset in the woods?

Jill said...

Very interesting picture.

Breeze said...

I feel frenzied, hunted..not sure I like the feeling but I like the work.


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

The colors are coming through loud and clear on my end. I can only imagine how vibrant it must be in person. Love the depth of it. Hard to stop looking!

Greg said...

wow, great color!

Kathleen said...

I would love to see this in person Luke!

dancing doc design said...

I love this painting, the reds are so rich, the oranges burnt and bright and I thank you for sharing these with us! Also I am so partial to pastels! I will be featuring a friend and French painter, Marie Christine next week who also favors this life giving, color RED- in all its forms. ps I am certain to return
Salut de France!

Deanna said...

Hello Luke. Thank you for your visit.

I adore the painting. I know what you mean about the red color not being exact. Red, orange and yellow are colors that suffer online. I know that your painting must have a richness to it. I read all the other comments but for me, I enjoy looking at it and it gives me a good feeling. I suppose every painting touches each person differently.

I went through your gallery and my favorite was Night Time Marlborough Buildings. You are very talented Luke. I wish you much success!

I will definately come back and visit you again.