Monday, 9 March 2009

Red Day

Today I have been having a very red day. The process of giving pictures glazes is where you can quite easily make or break what has come before. The method I use is to block in areas of colour then put a glaze of a single translucent colour over the top. Obviously if the glaze is yellow all the blues turn green, but greens and oranges and warm colours become very bright. The end product has an incredible depth of colour, but too many glazes and it can become dark. Cleveland Bridge is a drawing which I began some weeks ago. Today I began with a yellow orange glaze which worked well, but then became carried away with adding pink and red glazes on top. The result is an incredibly intense red.

Cleveland Bridge (above) the oringinal drawing.

Cleveland Bridge following multiple glazes. The reds are much deeper than this.

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Anonymous said...

I havnt been commenting as i dont know alot of artyfarty terms (grin) but I am loving your work... I like the one on the allotment that you did. We dont have them in Australia and my only exposure to them was through 'Eastenders' (lol) but you seem to have captured the uniqness and busyness of them...

Keep them coming Im enjoying your work very much, love Abbey