Saturday, 7 March 2009

Bath Allotment

Like all UK cities Bath has its fair share of allotments. Allotments seem to have more ideas and things happening per sq meter than any other any other outdoor space. Something to do with high concentrations of like minded people, a whiff of competition and small plots. Below is my representation of one such space.

21 by 15cm Ink on Paper (above) Bath Allotment (Marlborough Buildings).


mimilove forever said...

There's a distinct whiff of fauvism about your work Sir! Gorgeous stuff! :)

Miren said...

Great paintings!!!
Thank you Luke to have joined my blog...!
I am visiting your blog and site, this is a very good work, wonderful colors...
See you soon, (I've joined yours too...)
If you want to see my site with paintings, photographies, videos, clik here :
Have a good week-en-ding,

Jill said...

Beautiful picture.. it's a city of colors!

Kim VanDerhoek said...

The feelings I get looking at this must mirror the allotment. As I've never seen one now I imagine them as a colorful mix of people with a lot happening in a small area.


A Cuban In London said...

Brilliant! A very fair representation of the landscape that adorns my corner of London and along which i have to walk everyday to and from work. And I love your use of colours.

Many thanks.

Greetinsg from London.