Monday, 2 March 2009

Portrait of Clementine

A project currently on the boil is a group portrait exhibition that I'm organising in Bath. The rules for the show, as they stand at the moment, is that all the portraits are A6 in size and depict people that the artist thinks represents Bath in some way. This portrait is of my sister Clementine and is a dummy run for the real thing. I decided to get Clem to sit for ten minutes, did the rough sketch that you see below, then took two photos of her. Returning to the studio I used the pics as reference to add the colour, make the eyes level, soften the chin ect ect. The result has left Clem with volumised hair and a sad expression.

The initial drawing (above) of Clem drawn in oil pastels.

The finished A6 Clem looking inexplicably sad. The right eye appears crooked in the repro due to colour loss : (


Breeze said...

I like her expression..not sad exactly, just sort of wistful, maybe just wondering what might have been. I like it.

snow_white said...

fist of all, thank you for visiting my blog:)
this is a nice solution for the problem of making your model sit for hours till you finish drawing.. i usually draw portrays looking to picture since i don't wanna people sit for hours without moving!-unless they want it. but combination of these two seems like a good idea, i'll try it.
i figured you usually work with more shiny colors than you did in this one. initial drawing seems more like angry, while second is sad, as you mentioned. still, Clementine looks beautiful:) i like the work.