Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Sculptor Jo: Part 1

Today I have begun work on a portrait of Jo. Jo is a sculptor who contrasts his dreadlocks with delicate, effeminate features. I began with a series of fast pencil sketches that help to get a feeling for the subject. The first image below is of a quick A4 drawing, below that is the rough outline of the A2 painting. The process for the A2 painting was an initial pencil drawing, followed by an oil pastel outline. Followed by acrylic paint. Any classically trained artists out there are probably shaking there heads at such a contrary mixture of materials. Heavy pencil repels oil pastels, oil pastels repel water based paints. I find having a bit of fight with the materials exciting, as they tend to do unexpected things... tune in next Wednesday to see if Sculptor Jo's fine effeminate features have become a mixed media nightmare. Jo's painting already looks nervous about it.

The initial A4 drawing (above) of Sculptor Jo.

The contrary start of a mixed media A2 painting.

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A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Dear Luke,
So happy to have discovered you! Marvelous art. I tried to become a Follower but had a message to try again later. That I will do.
All the best,