Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Blocks and Blocks

More paintings on MDF blocks. I have included the initial drawing for Ducati (motorbike) in the Circus (double crescent building in Bath.) The two hare painting finish a set of three, the first shown in the last post.

Second in the Sophie Ryder sculptures in Bath series.

Third in the Ryder series. These sculptures of hares are life size.

The initial drawing for a new painting. I like the contrast of the modern motorbike against the historic back drop.


glorv1 said...

These block paintings are excellent and its hard to believe that the hare and other are life size in midst of everything. You've done a great job and the modern motorcycle against the old building does lood great. Thx for sharing. Oh, the colors just pull you right in.

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

Love your style and the bold, vibrant colors, Luke. I know I've said this before!

Paris said...

I really like your style and the bold colors that you use. Great work!!

Flora said...

I like the black and white drawing of the Circus with the motorbikes in the foreground - makes a nice change to your usual subject matter. Are you going to colour it in do you think? Wish I could see those hare sculptures myself - they look crazy being so large. Any chance you could post a photo of one or two?! :o)

Bruce Docker said...

Like your subjects and colors. Very imaginative. I look forward to coming back and wandering around some more.