Monday, 27 April 2009

Block Paintings

I have just moved from a large dark studio to a small light one, so its been a while since the last blog. Thanks for all the portrait feed back. Doing the portraits has sparked a slightly different method of working. I know a lot of people who will only ever draw from life. This seems to make good sense as you are able to view your subject in three dimensional space, rather than a photo which is flattened. When doing the portraits it occurred to me that I'm not really interesting in modeling with light or trying to make things look round. A photo makes it easier to pick out pattern and contour which I prefer. Combined with this I have decided not to draw on paper any more. I find mounting and framing clumsy. So begin work in the studio by drawing on wood blocks.

St Mary's in Bath painted in ink on 5 by 5cm wood block.

The Bath Abbey courtyard. The hare and bull are two large sculptures currently installed by local artist Sophie Ryder.

The latest block painting with Bath Abbey in the back ground. The inks come out very bright when painted onto wood.


glorv1 said...

Glad you're back. Hope your new studio fits your needs. You know looking at your painting reminds me of a painting I did a long time ago in the early 90's or so. I tried painting buildings of which I'm not good at and it was very colorful as well. You work is so awesome, it prompts me to pull out that huge painting and do some more work on it. I'm going to take a picture of it and study it again. I love the colors,and the way the tree limbs are bending over and all the car, which is something my painting had, a lot of cars. I better go, I can stay and look at your painting but you just inspired me to pull out my painting. Glad you are back, missed your art. Enjoy your new studio.

Flora said...

Hi Luke - It'll be interesting to see how the working on wood develops. What kind of wood are you using? How do you get your inks to 'stay' on the wood properly? It must have quite a different type of texture/feeling to it compared to paper. Cunning way to do away with the need to frame your work though! :o) said...

hey luke....
love this bright colorful work..
hope you had a great weekend..
I'm in Bend Or. this week with my bff
Smith Rocks state park misery ridge 4 mile hike with 800 elevation gain....kicked our *&^t's
having a beer and hottub in moments.. just wanted to say hi..
mona... & the girls
glad you found a studio with great light..............

Breeze said...

I wondered what happened to you?

These are the vibrant bright colours!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

These are wonderful! Isn't it fun to take yourself in a new direction?

Mi said...

Very powerful and vibrant colours! It´s good that an artist is not restricted to work like everybody does. Great paintings :-)

Anonymous said...

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