Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Archive: Aerial

Thought I would begin an archive series, showing work produced a few years ago whilst the Shadowlands pic trundles on. Arial is a piece produced in Australia made in mixed media with string, ink and 3D paint which recreates the stained glass effect. I began by making an abstract pattern with the string then added in the lines and colours. The result reminded me of the view seen from the plane window as I flew into Australia.

Aerial, imaginative take on Australia seen from a plane window.


Anonymous said...

This is really beautiful and it has such an Australian feel to it, not just the landscape but also the art of the Aboriginal people too. Love the colour and movement.

Dusik said...

i've never been to australia, but i understand where you got the idea

very nice work!

glorv1 said...

Oh wow. This is really beautiful. I feel like I'm inside of there trying to find my way around to who knows where. I'm in your painting now:D Thanks Luke, I love it. You said something about 3D paint. Where can I get that and do you have the maker's name or something similar? I'd like to try to have fun with that kind of paint. Again thank you. I always enjoy your posts.

Luke Maitland said...

Thanks for all the comments. Was really taken with the Aboriginal art when I visited Oz.

hiya Gloria, just had a look. The paint is a Decor fun relief paint, used to create leaded glass lines. Comes in tubes and produces thin lines which then harden. I enjoyed combining it with the bright inks.

glorv1 said...

Thank you Luke. I wrote that down. Listen, I've been visiting different sites and there is one of many that I think you'd enjoy, but this particular one I think you might like. postalguardas.blogspot.com.
He has the greatest scenery paintings. I just found it through Nancy over at everyphototellsastory.
Have a great week.

glorv1 said...

ooops sorry.

Mi said...

Wow! Great work, wonderful colours, very expressiv.
Greetings from Germany!

gaffergirls.com said...

beautiful Luke..
mona & the girls

A Cuban In London said...

Even for an abstract work, your painting is very detailed. Without the text I would have thought it was an aerial view, that much is clear. Been away from your blog for a little while but just caught with your Shadowland series and it's a pleasure to see how well it's going.

Many thanks.

Greetings from London.