Monday, 11 May 2009

Pultney Bridge, Bath

After making a point of working on wooden blocks to avoid the pains of framing. I now find myself making this drawing of Pultney Bridge on a large 59 by 42cm piece of paper. There can be and is only one reason for such a sudden reversal of technique. Commerce. It seems the world wants drawings on paper. I could do this on a wooden board but it would weigh more than me. So here we have the initial drawing of Bath's most beloved of bridges, which I will paint tomorrow.

A large 59 by 42cm drawing of Pultney Bridge, Bath, on paper (above)


Paris said...

Great. I am looking forward to seeing it painted. You are an amazing artist.

glorv1 said...

Luke, I can already see the vivid colors you will be using. It will definitely come alive. Thx for sharing.