Sunday, 24 May 2009

Pulteney Bridge, Bath, Evening

Not blogged for a little while as the last week has been artistically uninspired. So yesterday was the first day in seven that being in the studio seemed like a happy idea. To get things underway I turned the large A2 drawing that has been lurking for some time, into a painting. Below we have the before and after of Pulteney Bridge, Bath, Evening.

Pulteney Bridge, Bath, ink on paper A2 (above)

Pulteney Bridge, Bath, the initial drawing.


Sarah said...

Luke I think this is my favorite so far - the blue is stunning!! Wow so peaceful - I want to just go and sit there. Sarah

glorv1 said...

Hi Luke, hope everything is okay. That magical blue is out of this world. How beautiful. I wish I was there sitting where all the birds are at. I love it. Thanks for sharing.