Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Bath Abbey with a blue sky.

Well after much deliberation, I painstakingly cut out the golden sky then stuck in on an additional piece of paper to the back of the original and painted it blue. So now the abbey sits against a blue sky. The final version of this picture has more work done in the sky with a little white moon but I forgot to photo it before taking it away, so this gives an impression. Over all I think the blue helps to define the shape of the abbey, lending contrast to the picture. Thanks for the comments Teresa and Paris. Tend to find if I can't stop fiddling with a picture then either I'm over tired and going circles or there is a big change that needs to take place (like cutting out the sky) but rather than biting the bullet I make small changes (like changing the shade of gold) which can and did go on for hours.

The Bath Abbey in colour with a blue sky ( this is not the final version, but gives an impression of how the blue sky looked.)

The original with sky of gold, which is heavy by comparison.


glorv1 said...

The blue sky does make things stand out more but you know something, I really like them both. Thx for sharing.

Paris said...

Hmmmm...I like them both...but I have now lean towards the blue!! =/