Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The Portrait Painters

In todays portrait class our model was a Polish girl called Mboushka (wild spelling guess). Since starting the course I have discovered that I do not possess a great aptitude for traditional portraiture. So for these pictures I decided to focus on the scene and not just the model.

Mboushka in mixed media (acyrlic paint, charcoal, pencil) on A3 watercolour paper (above)

The class of portrait painters (above) on A3.


dancing doc said...

I quite disagree and think your results are lovely and possess a certain moody quality to them- these two images carry more than lines and colors -so do carry on!!!thanks for sharing them):

glorv1 said...

Luke,I definitely think you passed with flying colors. You are truly an artist with many talents, a REAL artist. Bravo and I love the painting. You've captured the essence of what was going on in class. Take care.

Brad Gailey said...

I think that giving your model a world to live in as part of your composition fills the composition with vitality and make for a livelier painting. Beautiful.


Michelle said...

You certainly have the ability to put a lot of information down :)

Very nice!

Sheila said...

These are wonderful! Refreshing, colorful and full of life!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I don't know what you mean by "traditional" portraiture. There are so many different styles of portrait painting, and thank goodness. If everyone painted or created art using the same techniques and methods, how boring would that be. I really love the bold colors (I know I've said that before, that's why I don't comment that often:) and "your" style in this piece.

P.S. I had to search for it, but the Mbari portrait you did was just amazing!