Friday, 27 February 2009

Two Dogs

Decided to blog about a one of the pictures that I finished on Tuesday. Called Two Dogs. The initial drawing was made at Claverton Weir. I like creating the effect of sunsets hitting landscapes. At this time you see the world through a tint (in this picture) of bright yellows and oranges. The second dog is hard to make out as the reds and oranges have become over saturated in the reproduction. The dogs have been cut out, painted then added. Collaging figures sets the narrative apart from the rest of the picture. The drawing tends to be loose, intuitive, fast where as the collage is slow and laborious.

Two Dogs (above) created using wax crayon, ink and collage.


Ces said...

Oh I love your studio. Thanks for visiting and following my blog. See you.

nollyposh said...

Omg i ~love~ this X:-)
~Thanks~ for dropping by my blog Luke X:-)

nollyposh said...

(Ps) Just had a pEEk at some of your inks and i think they're fab! They remind me of, and have a vibrancy, not unlike the Aussy Artist Ken Done and have a playfulness that reminds me of the Australian Artist/Cartoonist Leunig X:-)

Ursley Devar said...

wow! it's beautifull