Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Spire of St Swithen's

I find picture making goes in phases. The out and about phase is fun, the hermit like phase intense. Today begins a mini bout of playing the hermit. Hermit life generally involves looking at all the drawings made when out and about and giving them colour. Today i looked at St Swithen's (a picture seen in the Monday blog). I generally get an impression of a colour for a particular area of the picture. The aim is not to think about the colours. The less thinking the better. The hardest part is being open to destroying the picture. Destruction is often where the most creativity is to be had. Colour then can be quite violent. Which is why hermit life is so intense.

The unthinking Spire of St Swithen's (above), still to be finished.


Micki said...

Love the vibrancy of your artwork, and yes I am totally with you on being a hermit ;)
Micki x

Polly said...

This is a beautiful painting, I love the colours, it reminds me a little of my beloved Chagall (my eye is very unprofessional :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm very glad you did because that way I discovered yours! I love art but know very little about the "production" process so I'm looking forward to following your blog.


Jenny said...

Interesting to see it this way. Love the colors you chose for the sky. The color really helped me depict things I could not see in the original drawing...real neat!