Friday, 20 February 2009

Canal Sketching

Experimenting with wax crayons today as a drawing medium. The oil pastels give a rich creamy colour but are so soft they blunt easily. The over cast sky is drizziling slightly, but thats ok. The canal is looking pleasantly bleak with last years growth rotting away. The bull rushes manage to stay up right even though they are long past it. Enjoy the trip out here riding my sister's bike which is really too small. Make four small drawings all in different coloured crayon. Two are drawn beside Claverton Weir, a horse shoe shaped weir in the bend beside the rail way track. The last drawing is of four cows in a field on the other side of the canal. There are only four cows in the field but they kept moving, so I added a couple more to my drawing. I will post the drawings on my website when finished.

Cows in field