Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Looking up Lansdown Hill, Bath

Part of the view from the bedroom window at the back of the flat. 
I did the this drawing from a photograph. Drawing from life involves having to find a spot to get the view from, which for this picture would have meant hanging out of the window. 

...and with colour. 


Ben said...

Hi Luke,

I love the picture - a view with which I'm very familar, but of which I never tire. The autumnal colours mean that the scene is very much like this right now.

Your website is full of vibrant and beautiful work - I shall return!

One tiny point of correction: it's Lansdown (i.e. only one 'd').

Best wishes,


Luke Maitland said...

Hi Ben,

I think the views in Bath are magical and I love being able to look out on this one.

Thank you for commenting, getting feedback is a big boost. And thanks for spotting the spelling error.

All the best,