Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Roses, Marlborough Buildings

Roses in Marlborough Buildings Allotments are the initial dip ink drawings to be painted later this week. The pen I use is a piece of bamboo that I whittled in Australia when I first began drawing outside using inks. One of the benefits to using dip ink pens is the opportunity they allow for mistakes to occur (the act of making a happy mistake is called serendipity) such as ink drops or ink trickles.

Above Roses in Marlborough Buildings Allotments, A3 Ink on Paper

The soon to be white roses in Marlborough allotments.


Paris said...

Hey!! Hope you're doing well. As always, love your work. I look forward to seeing each piece!

Maybe you can join us next week for INCH by INCH! =)

glorv1 said...

Nice Luke, very nice. I went out and got some ink, different colors. I'm trying them out but with a paint brush. I love your roses and like that word, serendipity. That would really apply to me.:D Take care.

A Cuban In London said...

I loved your serendipitous mistakes (if any), my friend :-). Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Anonymous said...

Love these. Very beautiful.

TheFancyChola said...

Stopping by to enjoy your work!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful!!!

jb said...

Hey luke! you've been nominated come by and collect your lovely award.


LazyKing said...

wow, i love this, beautiful

Mi said...

Everytime when I visit your blog, I am enthusiastic about how you see the world and paint it!

Kirsty Harris said...

Lucas, you are my only follower!
I only just saw your comment thank you, you are really banging out some work it is so good to see, great stuff!
Kepp it up you hear!
Speak soon,
Kirst x

A Cuban In London said...

Serendipitous paintings are probably my favourites.

Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

Deanna said...

Hi Luke,
I'm always anxious to see your work. I just visited a gallery this past weekend where I was able to see various artists working with different painting techniques. I was impressed and of course, my digi cam battery was dead so I didn't get any photos but I plan to visit again next weekend.

I think the Cowboy work is wonderful!

Deanna :D